2to3 Laboratory Training

2to3 Laboratories is a biotechnology training platform, to bring the state of the art biotechnology in pharmaceuticals and biomedical institutions.

New therapies are getting approved for clinical uses. The new therapies are biotechnologies based drugs such as gene therapies, protein based drugs, RNA based drugs, or CRISPR etc., which suggests that the future therapies are relying on the labotory based biotechnology into the clinical practice.

However, the training time in healthcare is 6 years, which is much longer than any other job practice. There are more new jobs than the trained people in the market, the healthcare industries have the biggest labor shortages. Globally, the aging population guarantees a long supply of jobs in this sector. In rural areas, hospitals and nursing homes do not have enough trained doctors or specialists. Furthermore, 95% of fatal induries take place during training, which suggest that the industry need a new way of training platform.

2to3 Laboratories drives the innovation in Biotechnology in anytime, anywhere, anyone with low cost and time saving. Principal Investigators save time and money on trainees, therefore they can focus on much more important things, such as grant writing, new technology development. Trainees can obtain new biotechnology skillsets with low cost and time saving in any country.

New generation play biotechnology in virtual world as intuitive as playing a game, and design own experiments. Reduce the hazard experimental environment for trainees.